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Success comes through experiments. 

We, the Leos of Leo Club of University of Moratuwa have organized an innovation competition, MindXtra to overcome three main problems in our country to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The main three categories of this competition are Water purification, Human-Elephant Conflict, and Waste Upcycling. This is an ongoing project.


To get an idea about the competition we have organized three webinar series for the contestants. Prof Meththika Vithanage, Mr. Sumith Pilapitiya, Dr. Randika Jayasinghe, Ms.Uthpalie Thilakarathna, Mr. Mafaz Ifharm, Mr. Migara Amithodana, Ms. Vraie Cally, Mr. Ranga Peris, Mr. Chathura Madhumal, Ms.Nisansala Abhayaruwan, and Mr. Kosala Jayasundara joined with us as resource persons of this webinar. Prof. Rangika Halwathura was the moderator for all the 3 webinars. And he gave massive coordination to us for the success of this competition.

This is not like an ordinary competition.  In the end, we hope to implement the best innovative ideas. And also, cash prizes will be awarded to the winners! Other than the cash prizes contestants receive lots of benefits!

Join us with your unique and creative solutions while enhancing your career in the innovation field!

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