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Mission on Vision

Mission on Vision is a project conducted by the Leo club of University of Moratuwa to create an opportunity to help people who are blind & low vision in the long time period. The target mission of this project is to create a community, with the people who are willing to help the ones who needs the help. 

The main purpose of Mission on Vision  is to introduce the app called, “Be my eyes” which has been created to help the people belong to the mentioned category.

“Be my eyes”  is mobile app developed in Denmark to assist blind & visually impaired people. Through this app, a sighted community receives the helping requests from randomly assigned affected person. Then they can get help via live chat.

As we always ready to do the best for the society, we are looking forward to seek for the volunteers who are interested be someone’s eyes. Then our intention moves towards to make them aware about the app & the existing platform. And also we hope to donate mobile devices to some students in above mentioned category who have economical hardships.

If anyone is interested in to be someone’s eye sight, we are always ready be the supporter to show them the correct pathway as their guidance is at your finger tip distance.

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