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Warna Phase 2

“Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.”

Not everyone in this world gets a proper education. But everyone deserves to get a proper education. For that they need a proper environment. As university students, we know the importance of free education and the effect of a better education environment in one’s life. So, we were trying to give them that privilege. We also have the responsibility to give today’s students something better than what we received.

We, UoM Leos with the aim of adding colors to the world of those little children, “වර්ණ phase 2” came to the stage, as a collective effort of many. It was successfully held on 3rd of January at Kongaspitiya Vidyalaya, Siyabalanduwa.

වර්ණ is one of the projects that was organized with the help of many volunteers, aiming the needy students from rural schools, who mostly do not receive many of the scholarships or helping hands from the government or other sectors.

On that day we distributed necessary school items like exercise books, lunch boxes, school bags, shoes and water bottles. Not only gave gifts to them but also, we organized some interactive events focus to small smiley faces. Most importantly, a motivational program to raise their inspirational levels for a better future.

After successfully finishing this project, we saw their innocent faces full of smiles made us. As UoM Leos, we always try to make others happy by making their lives better.

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