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We originated as the second university based leo club in Sri Lanka and the first in Leo district 306 A2,on 23rd June 2003, under the presidency of Leo Nadun Gunawardhana. So far we ‘ve achieved a lot under many leaderships and guidance and still dedicate to continue the excellency.



It’s not all about awards,but our contribution and dedication was always appreciated. Most recently, we were rewarded with the title “The Most Outstanding University Leo Club of Sri Lanka, Leostic Year 2019/2020” along with many other awards. The achievements and awards we gained so far are countless.They always remain with us as tokens of appreciation and models for motivation.


LEO – ‘ Leadership – Experience – Opportunity’, we share as one family’. While giving the priority to gain experience, we commit to do social services and help the people who needed it the most, in many perspectives. It’s an effort to create the future leaders who feel people the most


Reflection on Us

Senior Treasurer

Eng. Kithsiri Samarasinghe

Leo Advisor

Lion Sumudu Amarasinghe


Leo Hiran Keshara

Vice President

Leo Yasith Dissanayaka


Leo Irushika Maheshi

Junior Treasurer

Leo Kavindu Kalhara

Assistant Secretary

Leo Raveesha Lakmini

Assistant Junior Treasurer

Leo Dilmin Tharushika

Ongoing Projects

Recent Projects

Contact Us

 Leo Hiran Keshara ( President): president@uomleos.org

  Leo Yasith Dissanayaka (Vice President) : vicepresident@uomleos.org

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